What is Automated Process Modeling (APM) and how it can benefit your business?

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APM performs off-production analysis of existing business processes, identifying areas of improvement within Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) systems, custom developed systems or best of breed point solutions.

Our APM system can be customized to provide business models that match your specific business needs. APM facilitates the prevention of business process deviations by proactively identifying potential issues within your processes

Our software helps you with:

  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Employee training requirement identification
  • Proactively managing your business process
  • Adding predictability to your business process
  • Streamlining your operational processes
  • Increasing long term productivity and growth
  • Monitoring your business process efficiency

Crisis Prevention

It offers analytical tools that provide insight into the execution of your business process, not static models that are reflections of the steps in your process; process mining provides real-time visualization of flows, visualization of repetitions of steps and loopbacks in a process that can cause inefficiencies and bottlenecks as you execute operational activities. This gives you the ability to analyze your processes and identify areas of improvement and optimization, helping to prevent issues and reducing transaction costs.

Master Data Improvement

We utilize an automated discovery process that can be used to identify areas of improvement within your master data. Such software helps you visualize both the quality of the data and how it affects your business activities. Complete and accurate master data is important to the success and smooth operations of any business. We can review data within any data management environment to not only discover relationships between data but also provide a statistical profile and identify areas where relevant data is missing. This discovery process can be targeted at areas of concern and can be customized directly to your needs.

  • Not sure if we can analyze your source data? We can apply our discovery process to many types of data sources for e.g:
  • Excel
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Any source of data whether a database or flat file
  • Once the discovery process is complete our software shows you the facts. You decide what comes next.

The Discovery Process

Have you inherited systems from a purchase or a merger and you are not quite sure what they do and how they relate to each other? The Automated Discovery process is uniquely qualified to help you mine your data for data relationships and provide you with insight into the systems you cannot quite comprehend. The software discovers data relationships within and across systems and presents them in an easily to manage graphical interface with probabilistic analysis of the flow of data through your systems. These flows can then easily be pushed through to the process modeling and dash-boarding capability of the our software.


We don’t compete with ERP implementation firms; rather, we are leveraging unique software offerings into specific market verticals to generate long-term consulting engagements. We are in a small niche that is solution-specific, industry and regionally targeted, and leveraged with highly advanced operations research capability. We have aligned ourselves strategically with Fujitsu Limited of Japan and Fujitsu America Inc. as a value-added partner for Fujitsu’s Global Enterprise Management Services.

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