What is a process and why map them?

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 What is a process and why map them? What’s the benefit and who benefits?

These are the fundamental questions that bring process mining to life. When we map processes from big data we bring into focus process behavior in a way that employees can see, understand and respond positively to.  Let me explain.

Taking a look at your clients: Every time you invoice a client, a process is invoked that leads to you getting paid.  You know how many times they’ve paid you, when they’ve missed payment and you have a pretty good idea of how long it takes them to pay moving forward. That’s an easy one, but what about an internal process either in your own organization or a client? Purchasing within these departments? Interactions? Expenses? Delays? Multiply the size of your company and you multiply the number of transactions and the number of times a process is invoked. You can see how tracking your processes can suddenly become more than just an invoice and receipt transaction, it becomes its own complex set of interactions. Over time, employees naturally try to make a process better and that becomes a change in the organization that is largely unmanaged change.

Unmanaged change can isolate parts of a larger process and this is where projects, departments and companies start to lose bits and pieces, communication degrades, days go by, money gets tied up, it all of this begins to add up. You know something is wrong but where do you look to start to find out where the problem lies? Most likely it doesn’t live in one place, rarely is one problem the case. So how do we help the inevitable knots that occur and reveal the unmanaged change that has made your process feel problematic: We map your processes, and help you visualize them.

Without having to interface with your system (we can use data extracts in .CSV format) we use an off production tool that can provide a dashboard of business process information in near real-time, showing you where the bottlenecks began and how they’re affecting your processes as a whole. With manual processes, we don’t have the ability to see them, however we can see the step that occurred in a system before and after the manual step and we can help you improve those as well. Through the process of elimination, we can discern with great accuracy the bigger process picture. Not only can we map your processes, once completed, we can provide you with solutions moving forward.

In this manner, we are a complete-solutions company, experienced in the vast array of big data, its pros and its cons. This is what we do and we love every challenge.

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