The Coming of Age – Our Talk at #WHOC15

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As you may know, we’ll be speaking at this year’s World Heavy Oil Congress in Edmonton, Ab March 24-26. We’re excited to share our knowledge in an industry that Brian has been apart of for 28 years and from a perspective that understands data intimately.

We’ll be presenting a case study that shows how we applied Process Mining to identify and improve the chain of events for a Major Capital Projects for Oilsands well pads and facilities construction in Alberta.

Using Process Mining, we used the footprint from existing information systems to model the organizational work. Using that information coupled with discovery discussions to uncover issues, we developed event chains for each major business process.  The event chains crossed systems and companies incorporating EPC, vendors and owner activities and information. We added a process layer to the business of managing major capital projects and the supporting information systems creating visibility into the entire process.

Process Mining takes the footprint resident in these systems and provides visualization of not only the activity in an organization but a view into the events, efficiencies and inefficiencies that have never been seen before.   

The internet of events

The process layer gives visibility into each event that occurs in each business process allowing us to see the quality of the data, missing or incorrect information that is attached to the event, steps that are out of sequence, activities that are delayed or beyond thresholds and where upstream activities are cascading into downstream issues. The delivery of major capital projects and the complex exchange of information between owners and contractors can be improved by orders of magnitude by using the emerging capabilities of Process Mining and event chain management.

We’ll be dig deeper into this methodology at our talk, and we encourage you to join us when we do. Let us introduce the ability to monitor business processes in real-time, allowing you to tie together the creation of master data, the execution of a your transactions and the compliance of both to the business process they reside in.

This level of context sensitive process management provides an organization with the ability to micro-reengineer a process as it is executed. This concept effectively adds a new dimension to change management, one that is responsive to the activities of system users in near real-time and one that is sensitive to business process boundaries and the cascading effects of user activities.

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