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We’ve spent the last week enjoying the hospitality of Houston, Tx at the SAP Best Practices Oil & Gas Conference 2014. We heard great talks by the legendary T. Boone Pickens ,Lyndal Skaggs on Environmental Programs and Jennifer Morgan, President of SAP North America itself and expanded on existing relationships with both our existing customer base as well as our most promising partners.

In all, we have at about 10 qualified prospective projects coming out of the conference, making it a most promising venture.

A unique trait of the conference was how it put together its agenda this year. Over 100 oil and gas professional from across all functional groups and more than 40 oil and gas organizations collaborated to design the agenda itself. Through conversations, they extracted what they referred to as ‘Hot Topics’ relevant to the oil and community and came up with 13 that built the framework for the 2014 agenda.


Our Booth, Your Questions

Not only were the speakers varied and educated but the audience we engaged re-enforced the benefit and need of process mining within oil & gas. We ran demos of our software throughout the conference and the agreement by those from various fields within the industry was that visualizing data in a world built upon it only made sense.

Throughout our time showcasing, we came across several needs and questions posed by attendees and wanted to share them:

  • Q. How do we interface with other systems? (outside of SAP)
  • A. We actually don’t need to extract data from other systems, nor interface with them, we can use data extracts in CSV format.
  • Q.How do we know about the manual steps in a process?
  • A. We don’t, but we can see the step that occurred in a system before and after the manual step.

What was wonderful is that clients did not realize that what we do was even possible, that wow factor was very enjoyable and we discerned that Process visibility and the ability to dashboard business process information in real-time, was a very real requirement for many.

If you came to our booth during #BPOG and would like to follow up on our conversation or questions, please feel free to contact us so we can do so.

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