EAM Model Systems

Code Expert provides a range of standardized models, focusing on P2P and EAM models. However, we can create any model for any business aspect you may require. Our systems are inexpensive and easy to use, providing results in only a few days!


Find out how many times you create notifications, how long it takes for TEVA to approve, and who is the approval group.

Notification System Status Model /

Learn how long it takes to get a notification in process, if this time can be improved, how many steps are automated, and if further automation can be implemented. Our priority analysis model gives a fast and accurate depiction of this process.

Work Order System Status Model /

Track the passage of a notification through changes to the status and discover the most common paths work orders take.

Work Order User Status Model /

Track a notification through the changes to a status. Learn how many steps are automated and if further automation can be implemented.

Automated Process Modeling /

APM assists with master data improvement, employee training, and process standardization. Visit our APM page to learn more or give us a call.

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