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Code Expert offers a suite of process mining and business management software. Our technique extracts data stored in systems to help reveal event patterns by combining data mining, correlation analysis, and process modeling. We specialize in P2P and EAM business models.

/ Automated Process Modeling (APM) /

Traditionally, a business process is completed by defining what events occur during the process by interviewing employees from each department. This process can take months or even years. APM takes the data directly from your system and models it in only a few days. APM shows all of this automatically without the need to interview employees, define process events, or determine their order.

/ Our Software Helps: /

  • Improve business process efficiency

  • Standardize your business process

  • Monitor your business process to support compliance and governance

  • Identify opportunities for employee training

  • Continuous improvement and functional excellence

/ Master Data Improvement /

APM will identify key areas of improvement in your master data. The software visualizes the quality of data and how it may affect your business activities. Accurate and complete master data is essential to the success and operation of any business. We can review your data and provide a statistical profile to identify where data is missing.

/ Employee Training and Change Management /

Our software will show where employee training has been effective and where more may be required. By looking at the data entered into your system, the tools monitor the business process your employees are following. If you recently changed something at your business, we can also monitor the effectiveness of change management programs.

Meeting Your Key Performance Indicators (KPI,s) /

When you require a work order to be completed within 30 days, do you see all the events that occur once the work order and opened to the completion date? APM helps you see all the events that occur from the beginning to the end of any business process. See the exact impact of meeting a KPI.

Discover What You Have /

If you inherited systems from a merger or a purchase, APM can mine the data for relationships and provide you with insights into the system to find a relationship between the two.

Transactional Excellence /

When you have a business process that has been in your system for years, APM helps find the data left behind and show the best path to reduce costs and increase operational success.

Consulting Services /

Code Expert has extensive knowledge and experience. Upon purchasing APM, we offer continual support in the implementation and development of solutions. With access to qualified resources internally and through our partners, we can provide as much support as you require. We are always there when you need us.

/ What’s Next? /

If you have any lingering inquiries, check out our frequently asked questions to learn more.

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