Simplifying Process Mining Pt 2

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It is widely known among project management best practices that one of the main Quality control processes are  tools through flowcharts. This sounds like an outdated process does it not? Imagine, project teams sitting in a board room, creating flowcharts of their existing processes, all in hopes of figuring out what the issues caused by their process is and where to improve.

There is no denying, that in an ever digital age, more and more information is being thrown at companies, often with no time for them to analyze and determine issues.  Hours can be spent even trying to figure out what appropriate processes to highlight. Instead of project teams focusing on that alone, they could be instead focusing on something more essential to the project. 

This is where process mining comes in. with its ability to tackle big data problems, it can be used as a process quality tool in mining to show the issues and bottlenecks within your processes. There is a great value in taking all these resources and identifying and addressing inefficiencies.  

This information is useful to companies as it gets rid of outdated quality control policies and introduces a new tool into project management. This can help address consumer issues, quality assurance,  and internal process improvement.  

Processes used by process mining can therefore help optimize quality in your company, and replace somewhat outdated quality control

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