Why Choose Code Expert

Code Expert Canada offers a suite of process mining and business process management software. Combining the disciplines of data mining, correlation analysis and process modeling, our process mining technique extracts data stored in systems to reveal event patterns. Using Code Expert’s models, business can diagnose problems based on facts rather than theories.

Automated Process Modeling (APM)

Traditionally, business process is mapped by determining what events occur within the process by interviewing each employee in each department. This can take months, or even years.

APM extracts data from your system and models the process in only a few days! There is no need to interview employees, determine what events occur with in a process, or even figure out what order they happen in! APM shows you all of this automatically.

Automated Process Modeling (APM)

Our software helps you with

  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Identify employee training opportunities
  • Proactively managing your business process
  • Adding predictability to your business process
  • Streamlining your operational processes
  • Increasing long term productivity and growth
  • Monitoring your business process efficiency

Crisis Prevention

APM gives you a real-time visualization of issues in your process. We give you the ability to prevent issues and reduce transaction costs. 

Master Data Improvement

APM allows you to identify areas of improvement within your master data. Our software helps you visualize both the quality of the data and how it affects your business activities. Complete and accurate master data is important to the success and smooth operations of any business. We can review your data and discover relationships between. We can also provide a statistical profile and identify areas where relevant data is missing. 

Employee Training and Change Management

Our software can be used to show you where employee training has been effective and where additional work is required.  The tools let you monitor the business process your employees are following by looking at the actual data that is entered in your systems. Recently changed something at your company? We can also monitor the effectiveness of your change management programs.

Meeting Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

You require a work order be completed within 30 days. Do you actually see all the events that happen from the moment the work order is opened to the completion of the work order? APM allows you to see all the events that occur from the beginning of any business process through to the end. You can see the true impact of meeting a KPI.

Discover What You Have

Have you inherited systems from a purchase or a merger and you are not quite sure what they do and how they relate to each other? APM can mine your data for relationships and provide you with insight into the systems. 

Transactional Excellence

You have business processes that have been leaving a footprint in your systems for perhaps years or decades. Our software maps out the trail that is left behind and shows you the best path forward to reduce costs and achieve operational excellence.

Consulting Services

We also have extensive experience and knowledge that we provide through a consulting model. When you purchase APM, we support you in the implementation and ongoing development of solutions.. We have access to highly qualified resources both internally and through our partners.

We can provide a little or as much support as you need. Once you are on your way, we are always there when you need us.

Do you have Questions?

We want to monitor a process. What next?

We just need an export of the data you would like to monitor. A csv file is all we need.

Does APM Have a Dashboard?

Yes, we have an user friendly dashboard. It is interactive and delivers information in a certain format. The user can change the display format to suit their needs. Systematic reporting is also provided through output of dashboard content in a publishable form.

I just want to analyze one project, one time. Can you do that?

Yes! We offer one-time analysis models. We create the model for you on a consulting basis for an hourly rate plus expenses. Then we show you the results.

I want to buy existing standard models. How does that work?

Code Expert has a number of standard models and we are happy to discuss the purchase and implementation of those models at anytime.