Frequently Asked Questions

Can we create custom models?

Yes, we offer customized models depending on your company’s needs.

How long does it take to create one model?

One Code Expert consultant can create a model in approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

I just want to analyze one project, one time.
Can you do that?

Yes, we offer one-time analysis models. We create the model for you on a consulting basis for an hourly rate plus expenses. Then we show you the results.

I want to learn how to build my own models.
Can we do that?

Yes. Code Expert assists you through the process of training your staff and building functional models; this includes 3 to 5 days of classroom-style training. We walk you through a case study followed by 3 to 6 months of on the job coaching/training. We offer support and troubleshooting, as needed, after training. There are several skill sets required and we will be available to assist your development in areas that need attention.

We want to monitor a process.
What’s next?

We just need an export of the data you would like to monitor. A CSV file is all we need.

I’d like to see a case study. Where can I get one?

Does APM have a dashboard?

Yes, we have a user-friendly dashboard. It is interactive and delivers information in a certain format. The user can change the display format to suit their needs. Systematic reporting is also provided through an output of dashboard content in a publishable form.

What are some benefits of using APM?

  • Reduce costs by targeting inefficient processes
  • Improve margins through advanced cost management
  • You can start to manage what we call unmanaged change
  • Create “calls to action” for staff and avoid negative cascading effects of process inefficiency
  • Determines if individuals are following the process correctly
  • Highlights inefficiencies in processes
  • Audit and compliance
  • Highlight anomalies where processes have failed
  • Isolate where change management processes have been effective/ineffective
  • Identify at the field level when changes are made to a field
  • We can attach a cost to each step in the process and provide cost feedback on a process itself

Can you slice and dice information?

Yes, you can filter the models to:

  • Filter by any event in the model
  • Filter by time in terms of block data
  • Filter by time in terms of how long it takes to move from one event to another.
  • Filter by any other attribute you choose
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