Electronic Invoicing: A 15 Hour Analysis

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* This case study was conducted at a prominent oil and gas firm in Canada


Our client had 3 vendors consistently complaining their invoices were being paid late. The analysis was intended to determine where the problem was: was it with the eInvoice process and system, or somewhere else in the process? The project involved one consultant from Code Expert, and the oil & gas firm did not need to provide any additional resources.

Data extracted from SAP was from January 1, 2013 to June 10, 2014 for the business unit having the issue. The statistics for the overall averages were compiled to establish a benchmark. Then, the averages for each vendor were compiled.


Following a detailed statistical analysis, Code Expert concluded:

  • Further vendor education was required to ensure the 3 vendors understand the submission process and the timing of payment relative to the date of their invoice and the date of submission to the eInvoice system.
  • The internal processing of eInvoices for these 3 vendors should be reviewed and streamlined.

Average Time To Pay

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