Automated Process Modeling (APM)

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What types of Code Expert modeling solutions exist, and how do they differ?

There are two types of models available: one-time analysis models and production models. Analysis modeling is a single, one-time analysis of your business process. Creating an analysis model requires about 3 to 4 person weeks per model. Analysis models are generally not production ready, excludes  a dashboard and depending on the specific requirement may require more time to become a production model.

Whereas Production modeling is an ongoing process analysis of your data in near real-time.

  1. We offer three (3) options for model creation:
    We create the models for you on a consulting basis for an hourly rate plus expenses.
  2. We assist you through the process of training your staff and building functional models; this includes 3 to 5 days of classroom style training. We walk you through a case study followed by 3 to 9 months of on the job coaching/training. We offer support and troubleshooting as needed, after training. There are several skill sets required and we will be available to assist your development in areas that need attention.
  3. We have a model development center in Calgary and offer subscriptions to all related models developed through Code Expert. A subscription provides you with leverage of our larger development team in Calgary, to assist you with model development.

So what areas of a business generally has Code Expert Automated Processing Model (APM) applied to it?

  • We have some standard models for SAP available “out of the box” with some installation and set-up time. These include: Notifications Work Orders, Purchase Orders, Requisitions, and Purchase Order History.
  • Aside from the standard models just about any business process can be modeled where there is a system that supports it and the data is available for modeling.

What types of benefits can one see as a result of a Code Expert APM implementation?

One of the greatest benefits is high visibility into your business processes to highlight efficiency improvement areas in your processes. As an example, we can take two buyers doing the same job and identify any deviation in the time it took them to complete the same tasks. Upon investigation, we can help you determine the reason for variations so that you can leverage the most efficient process for all buyers.

The output of APM shows you average processing time, standard deviations and bottlenecks for both simple and complex processes. For each type of work target and key performance indicator,  we are able to show you specific results related to those targets on an ongoing basis. This capability assists you in managing targets as well as changes in the business to meet those targets.

Because all models currently use .CSV files, we can use data from any system to create models and dashboards.

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