Who we are

In October 2014, Code Expert was nominated for the Calgary Chamber Small Business Innovation Award and the Small Business of the Year Award. We appreciate all the support both our community and the Calgary Chamber have provided us. Please check out our nomination video below!

2014 Calgary Chamber Small Business Innovation Award Finalist

Meet the team


Brian Darragh

Founder & CEO

Brian Darragh is the founder and CEO of Code Expert. He is an entrepreneur with a keen insight into business opportunities and a deep knowledge of ERP technologies, particularly SAP. Brian’s extensive educational background includes a Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) in Operations Management, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Logistics and Inventory Management, Certification in SAP MM, PP, PM, WM, and ASAP. He is also currently completing a Master of Science (MSc) in Accounting eForensics from the University of Southern New Hampshire. His academic side constantly draws him towards new challenges. 


Sanjay Sukumaran

Business Process Engineer

Sanjay Sukumaran is a Business Process Engineer at Code Expert Canada, with 4 years’ experience in business analysis, process improvement and IT application support. Sanjay’s area of expertise in process modeling include: purchase to pay (P2P), and enterprise asset management (EAM) in the oil and gas sector, trade settlement and clearing in investment banking, and IT service and incident management. 

Before moving to Canada to pursue an MBA, Sanjay worked with numerous clients including UBS Investment Bank and Dell Financial Services in Singapore, Perot Systems in India and ConocoPhillips in Canada.

Working with Code Expert

From one time projects for process discovery to ongoing monitoring and governance of your systems and business processes, our software can help you improve the way your business runs. You can buy and install the solutions in-house thus keeping your data on familiar geography or you can engage us for a completely outsourced solution, it is up to you. We can teach you how to use the software or we can be there at your side all the way. 

With our software you are in complete control of the implementation process. You can discover your data relationships, then discover your business processes and push everything out to a dashboard. Or you can stop anywhere along the way. 

The Business

Code Expert provides advanced operations research analytics for analyzing complex IT systems and maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of technology enabled business processes. 


Code Expert is not competing with ERP implementation firms. We are leveraging unique software offerings into specific markets. We are in a small niche that is solution-specific and leveraged with highly advanced operations research capability. We have aligned ourselves strategically with Fujitsu Limited of Japan and Fujitsu America Inc. as a value-added partner for Fujitsu’s Global Enterprise Management Services.


We have new insights into SAP supported business processes and these insights present high value exploitation opportunities

Project Manager, ConocoPhillips